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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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valley. that is just pushing into philadelphia right now. there are some spots where the rain is coming down a little bit steadier, moderate showers in chester county and into montgomery county. but most of the areas looking at some light rain and that's what is now pushing into philadelphia, some light showers, they'll be here for the morning commute, but will not be here all day. 60s now from the lehigh valley, new jersey, suburbs, philadelphia, 65 degrees. see the rain has started up in philadelphia. but during the day, we'll see the rain taper off at times and then come right back. the chance we'll see scattered showers this morning at 7:00 and 10:00 and this afternoon, not the 80s today, 70s and low 70s for much of the area. suburbs 72 degrees. new jersey, 70 degrees. at the shore, 68. and occasional showers and 72 degrees in philadelphia. when i come back, we'll go through the future cast, hour by hour. right now, let's check out and get the latest on your travel
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concerns. first alert traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're watching the vine street expressway, just for an update here, good news, all lanes back open, through center city. these are cameras around 18th street. see traffic is moving along eastbound and westbound, even through the work zones, though they cleaned up and now you're good through center city on the vine. also an accident out in the west norton on west main street and colonial avenue. we'll check on delaware roads in the next ten. today, philadelphia soda tax proposal could become law after city council's final vote. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at city hall this morning. pamela, mayor jim kenny tells us he believes the soda tax will happen. why is he so confident? >> reporter: well, he says at this point he feels like council has really done their homework. he's provided them all the information they need to know the questions they had about the tax he's answered. he feels like they understand how important early education is
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and they also understand this unique opportunity they have now to fund the program. we know the majority of the revenue generated is going to fund universal pre-k, but critics of the bill called into question where the rest of the money will go. more than 10% of the 1.5 cents an ounce tax on sugary drinks will go toward special projects, among them, the retrial of juvenile offenders in the african-american museum, these were late additions negotiationed negotiation by council members there. the majority of the money will go to pre-k classrooms like these at the smart center, which would be able to take 55 to 60 more kids off of the waiting list and into the classroom. >> i think people have bought into the fact we need to do this for our kids. when you come in facilities and see 4 and 5-year-olds just really kicking it, and learning about language and reading and
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it is just wonderful. >> reporter: and after today's vote, lingering questions about where the remaining money will be spent, they will be discussed this summer in special hearings coming up at 5:30, i'll tell you more about the demonstrations that are planned, both for and against that tax. reporting live at city hall, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 5:03. today, president obama and vice president biden will go to orlando to meet with the families of victims and the survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting rampage. the visit comes as the community struggles to heal and the first of the victims are laid to rest. the senate homeland security committee meantime says the shooter omar mateen made postings to facebook before and after the attack, blasting the filthy ways of the west. the committee revealed that information in a letter asking facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to provide information on mateen's five facebook accounts. meantime, the fbi hasn't speculated on possible charges in the shooting.
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we do know they're looking into what mateen's wife knew ahead of time. the senate is asking the fbi to turn over files about earlier investigations of mateen. people came together in bucks county last night to show solidarity with the lgbt community following the attack in orlando. sky force 10 flew over the vigil. they read the names of the 49 people killed. philadelphia yesterday, west catholic prep invited students, friends and family to remember one of their own. 17-year-old akyra murray was one of the 49 killed. nbc 10 news wasn't allowed inside last night, but outside you could see the emotion among those who attended. more than 300 people came to remember murray who graduated days earlier. she was a standout student and a basketball player who scored a thousand career points and earned a college scholarship. >> she just did everything the
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right way. >> every day i wake up, go on facebook, go on instagram, on twitter and see rip akyra and i can't believe she's gone. >> murray was in orlando with two other people who were also shot, both of them are still recovering in the hospital. this morning, things are back to normal at the veolia energy plant after a boiler explosion took place yesterday afternoon. investigators are still trying to figure out why the explosion happened inside the schuylkill steam station on christian street. people felt the blast throughout center city yesterday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. the operator says there was no fire and employees evacuated safely. but the force of the explosion shattered windows. and the flying glass did hurt someone near. >> the whole house shook. the whole house shook. >> it looked like a mushroom cloud of red brick. >> city inspectors tell nbc 10 the plant is structurally sound. philadelphia police made an arrest in an assault that was caught on camera outside a nightclub about a month ago.
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we want to warn you, this video is hard to watch. the man is seen sucker punching and knocking out another man the club told us that minter didn't work there. a witness said the man who was punched sat up, less than a minute later and was talking to other people outside the club. 5:06. employees at several atlantic city casinos will vote on whether or not to speak. the workers at caesars, harrah's, bali's and tropicana would join those at trump taj mahal who already approved a strike. they're all members of unite here local 54. they want pay increases given the casinos are making money again. fares will not go up under new jersey transit's newest operating budget. nj transit unveiled the $2 million spending plan yesterday. saying it includes no fare hikes
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or service cuts. agency officials say an increase in state funding and their own internal savings will help them close a $46 million budget gap from a one time payment to bus workers to settle a contract last year. it is 5:07. 64 degrees outside. a mass will be said for the 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at a disney world resort. the service will be held at the family's church in nebraska. the church is also accepting donations for the family. the orange county sheriff's office tweeted out this picture of 2-year-old lane graves last night. the sheriff's office says the family is asking for privacy. his body was found yesterday in a lagoon near the hotel where the family was staying. on tuesday night, the boy was standing near the lagoon with his dad when he was snatched by the gator. police are saying they think graves drowned. florida fish and wildlife is looking for the gator that grabbed the boy. signs are posted near the lagoon that say no swimming and warn of gators. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you're heading out right now, grab your umbrella, we're tracking some showers. we'll see on and off showers this morning. most of the day we're going to be looking at cloudy and cool conditions with a chance of some daytime showers. if you head out this evening, skies will be cloudy and there is a chance we'll see more showers late in the evening into the overnight hours. for now, cape may, showers push off shore inland. showers are active in the suburbs and into philadelphia, lehigh valley as well. lighter showers that are moving through right now. but some quick moving downpours, moderate showers embedded within that area of lighter rainfall. the chance of thunderstorms for later in the day, right now tracking thunderstorms in western and central pennsylvania. that's a chance for our area. future cast shows at 7:00 this morning, rain in new jersey. glassboro seeing rain, just pushing out of philadelphia at that time. by 9:30, still a chance of some
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scattered showers, and look at the clouds hanging in for the entire area. the clouds are really keeping us much cooler this afternoon. allentown, dry, but trenton will see showers at that hour. and as we go into the afternoon, some more scattered showers will develop in the area, even into south jersey, northern new castle county and delaware and the suburbs as well. keep an umbrella handy. not an all day rainfall. but enough clouds and occasional showers to keep our temperatures lower today. 70s for philadelphia, the suburbs and lehigh valley. up to 75 degrees in easton. vineland will top out at 70, justify t there is going to be some wet weather at times in delaware, 73 degrees this afternoon for lewis, 74 in wilmington, occasional showers and a chance of some thunderstorms today. but things change for the weekend. you may have already checked that out with the seven-day at the bottom of the screen, closer look at that and ten-day outlook, back in ten minutes.
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>> it is a little chilly as you make your way out the door. >> get into the car, turn on your heat a little bit. >> jessica boyington, watching the roads. >> schuylkill looks great. no problems or delays, around montgomery drive. traffic is moving along nicely, eastbound, westbound. average speeds are into the 60s as well. accident on west norton on west main street and colonial avenue. more updates for you when i come back in the next ten. promoting opportunities for tomorrow. that's what a lawmaker in atlantic city says his new proposal will do. we'll tell you where he believes the future of ac live and it has nothing to do with gambling. the democratic national convention is just over a month away, but starting today, you can get your own piece of history. i'll tell you how next.
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a hands on outdoor learning lab is being built. the new lab will focus on science and technology. the school is ripping up an old playground, turning it into public green space that includes a garden. children with disabilities will have access to special sensory areas. >> for me, this is a part of creating that pipeline of creating high quality educational opportunities for
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our young people. >> money for the project comes from the william penn foundation and grants from the city's water and redevelopment programs. we are just over a month away from a democratic national convention, taking place here in philadelphia. and just like we saw during the pope's visit, there is a big movement for memorabilia and keepsakes to have something to remember this history making event. now, you can get your own piece of history before the dnc comes to town. matt delucia got an early look and shows us how. >> reporter: there is more to a political convention than politics. >> philadelphia flair to it. >> reporter: but working donkeys appropriately into imagery of america's birth place -- >> hats, buttons, pins, kids stuff. >> reporter: -- that takes talent. >> i want stuff that stands out and hopefully it does. >> reporter: shane is one of seven local artists picked by a
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local company, impact dimensions. their job was to create this, something that will appeal to the thousands who descend on philadelphia for the democratic national convention. >> he cwe kind of designed the f knowing we wanted it to sell really well and stuff that people will wear, you know, even outside of the convention. >> reporter: the items are for sale online at and later this month at a pop-up store in the comcast center. >> that really helped us a lot in setting up some experience. >> reporter: for shane, it is kind of surreal, in that he's one half of a two-man company, now getting a rare shot at a huge audience. he's hoping this kind of exposure will help build the brand of duke and winston. >> we would never have been able to get involved with something like this at the level, at the size we are, so, yeah, it is
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huge for us. >> reporter: to bring the feel of philadelphia when politics aren't always one size fits all. >> it is pretty cool when you walk in and see somebody wearing a hat or t-shirt, we made that, part of that. that's pretty cool. >> reporter: all this merchandise you can buy it now. we have a link to the website on matt delucia, nbc 10 news. coming up in the next half hour, asking for clarity. why officials at the aclu are worried philadelphia may be going back on some of its promises when it comes to protesting at the dnc. shelters across new jersey are now carrying for 20 puppies. >> those young dogs were rescued from what authorities describe as deplorable conditions in ocean county. authorities say the dogs like these four at the humane society at atlantic county were being kept in a garage in jackson township. you can see the condition in this picture. the garage had no ventilation or
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windows. >> daylight, they never have been outside. the first time they have been outside is here. >> completely covered with gnats and feces. >> the group home free animal rescue says the same one owns both properties. the new jersey state fpca is leading an investigation but no charges have been filed. delaware is cracking down on animal fighting. the governor signed a bill into law yesterday. the legislation allows people involved in animal fighting to be prosecuted under the state's racketeering statute, that makes it easier for the state's justice department to go after those who abuse animals. it carries stiffer penalties. nbc 10 is proud to clear the shelters aftevery year. you can help thousands of animals find forever homes on july 23rd.
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first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is joining us. a relatively quiet morning so far. >> don't jinx us. what are you seeing now? >> i'm filling in for viai -- >> he puts it out there before it even happens. for now we're okay. so far on 95 of the right around cottman avenue, no big problems or delays. and southbound drive time from woodhaven it the vine street expressway, 13 minutes. no increase there. 95 and heading through delaware, no problems there either. north or southbound, 11 minute trip from 295 to 495. once you're in delaware, watch for construction. route 13, on ramp to 295 southbound is so close. i'll be back in the next couple of minutes or so with more checks on your morning drive. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain is coming down, you can see it in this live view from center city. looking towards the comcast center. it is the rain, that's just light rain, nicely illuminated
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by the cameras on the building. 68 degrees now at philadelphia. 60s for the entire area. we're starting off warmer this morning than yesterday morning. but we're not going it see the big warmup we had yesterday. thanks to the rain. right now in the 60s for philadelphia. bustleton, 68. hill at 66. west mount area and andorra, 60s to start with. slow climb to the low 7 0s this afternoon. occasional showers, lunch time showers in the forecast for philadelphia. in the suburbs, rain this morning, will taper off at 8:00. back at noon time. just 71 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and for the lehigh valley, a cool day as well with occasional showers. delaware could see a thunderstorm late this afternoon or this evening. but during the day, mostly cloudy. chance of a shower at noon time, 70 degrees. for new jersey, interior new jersey, mostly cloudy skies. in between these hours, we could get some showers and for the
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jersey shore, 68 degrees at 8:00, 70 degrees at noon time. and 4:00 this afternoon, mostly cloudy and 70 degrees. showers, we already have seen them at the shore. likely to get a few more. satellite and radar shows the line of showers that is moving through philadelphia right new. mainly light rainfall as we saw on the live view from center city. the showers extend into montgomery and chester county, moving into new jersey right now, crossing the delaware and as far as thunderstorms are concerned, there is a line to the west, you can see some showers and thunderstorms moving through parts of south central pennsylvania, and more storms into the ohio valley. that's a possibility for us late tonight from that line right there. so there is lots for watching. won't be an all day rainfall. future cast shows by 6:30, mainly dry. into the late evening hours, you see the storms that are developing. a possibility it will stay to the west. still a possibility you might
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need an umbrella. most of the area drying out tomorrow. today, occasional showers, 73 degrees the high temperature. close to 80 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. then into the 80s for saturday. and look at sunday, father's day, not bad at all. 85 degrees. humidity will stay low on sunday. but that changes monday. the heat and humidity return. look at that, monday afternoon, 92 degrees. and coincidentally, summer officially starts monday evening, so the first full day of summer, going to feel like 92 degrees on tuesday. cooldown, but still warm, wednesday, thursday, friday, and into next weekend, temperatures will be in the 80s. katie? >> all right, bill, thank you. sending a message about gun control reform. >> what can you do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never, ever happens again? >> senate democrats burn the midnight oil and hold the floor well into the night to argue for
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change. we'll tell you why they ended their filibuster after nearly 15 hours. plus, welcome to philly. we'll tell you about record numbers that show a boom in tourism for the city and what it means for local businesses. one fifth of all the fresh water in the world
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philadelphia is seeing green. not talking about trees, though. we are talking about the other green, money. a live look at center city now.
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the sun will be up in just a few minutes. we'll get that shot for you in a second. there we go. more people are visiting philadelphia and that means more money is being pumped into the city's economy. the company visit philadelphia attracts tourism. for the sixth year in a row, a record number of people visited philadelphia and spending money in the city. a lot of money gets pumped into state and local taxes. volkswagen has more time to reach a final settlement with the owners over the emission scandals. landon dowdy is here with that. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. a judge is extending the deadline for volkswagen to reach a deal with owners over the emissions scandal to june 28th. a tentative deal in april
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includes an offer by vw to buy back the polluting cars and the fund to promote green auto technology. on wall street, could see more red arrows today. futures are lower and stocks dove into the close on wednesday following the fed's decision to leave interest rates unchanged. the central bank also signaling it may take in even longer and slower approach to hike rates against the backdrop of slowing job growth and overseas risks including the brexit vote in the uk next week. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> heading out the door, don't forget your umbrella, showers in the area, reaching from the city to the shore. that's ocean city, new jersey. clouds and a rainy boardwalk there. and rain is falling on the battle ship new jersey.
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the view from camden, new jersey, the clouds are going to keep us cool. right now, 64 degrees at 5:27. jessica boyington is first alert traffic center. how are the roads looking? >> so far everything is looking great. this is route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey, kings highway. cars making their way. an update at 5:30. we'll hear from you then. hours of live music, days of celebrations and dozens of events happening in our area. we're breaking down this year's wawa welcome america fourth of july celebration in philadelphia and we'll tell you about everything that is happening throughout the city. also, the eagles future franchise quarterback gets himself in quite a jam. we'll tell you why carson wentz needed the help of the gas station employee and garden shears to get out of trouble.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, philadelphia's soda tax proposal could finally become a reality. we'll tell you about the final vote happening today and what's next if the bill passes. what can you do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never, ever happens


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